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Advantages of aluminum foil bag material

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Although aluminum foil is very thin, as a packaging material, it has the following advantages:

(1) light weight helps to reduce transportation costs.
(2) good insulation and shading. It can be moisture-proof, breathable and fragrant, and can prevent the packing material from moisture absorption, oxidation and volatile deterioration.
(3) good heat resistance, stable in shape at high and low temperatures, and can be used as baking containers.
(4) strong protection: make the packaging materials not vulnerable to bacteria, mold and insects.
(5) good reflection and luster of light. It has a high reflection capacity for both heat and light, with a reflectivity of 83% ~85%.
(6) good mechanical properties, able to meet the use of automatic packaging machinery.
(7) good moulding and embossing ability in secondary machining.
(8) good adaptability of printing and composite. Easy to color, easy to fit with paper, plastic, etc.
(9) non-toxic, not easy to produce public hazards.
Although aluminum foil has the advantages mentioned above, due to its low strength and poor tear resistance, it is easy to crack when folded, is not resistant to acid and alkali medium and cannot be hot-bonded and sealed, so it is rarely used alone. The vast majority of aluminum foil and plastic film, paper and other materials through composite processing, to composite type use. This not only maintains the excellent performance of aluminum foil, but also makes up for the deficiency of some packing properties of aluminum foil. The thickness of aluminum foil used in the composite state can be reduced to 0.007? The aluminum foil-containing composite material, compared with the non-aluminum foil-containing composite material, has the barrier property, especially the shading property, and can meet the requirements of vacuum, asepsis, nitrogen filling and other packaging technologies. It is a new type of packaging material with strong adaptability and broad applicability. It can be used as soft packaging material as well as semi-hard and hard packaging material. It is widely used in food packaging and has replaced some metal cans. For example, to 斿 can waste and the Ik Abandoned bottles caused by public nuisance, past tinplate cans and bottles beverage container has been large * use aluminum foil bag (juice) and vertical (with aluminum foil), instead of paper container.

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