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Anti - static theory of composite packaging for food bag manufacturers

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According to the electrostatic theory, the adhesion force is due to the electrostatic attraction between two electric layers on the interface.

The speed of stripping is dependent on the amount of stripping work done when the glue joint is stripped, which is caused by the electrostatic force. The value of stripping work obtained at fast stripping (stripping speed S) is many times larger than that obtained at slow speed =10-7~ 1-5cm/S. This is because when the stripping is carried out at a very slow speed, the surface conductivity makes it possible for the charge to escape in time, thus eliminating the attraction between the opposite charges and making the stripping work close to the equilibrium adhesion value. When fast stripping, the charge can not escape in time, so the stripping work includes the action of electrostatic gravitation, which makes the stripping work much higher. In this way, the electrostatic theory explains two phenomena which the adsorption theory cannot explain. However, no electrostatic phenomenon was observed when many polymers were separated, which could not be explained by electrostatic theory.

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