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Antistatic agent for plastic bags

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The air characteristics of plastic packaging bags are good, but their disadvantages are that the static electricity in the process of processing and use has reached the full range of voltage and capacitance, or because the electrostatic dust collection makes the dust into the product and reduces the mouth value. The commonly used plastics such as polystyrene, polyethylene, polyethylene have this shortcoming. In order to eliminate this phenomenon, antistatic agents are used, whose fundamental role is to provide electrical conductivity, that is, arrange and form continuous phase on the plastic surface, so as to improve the surface electrical conductivity, make the charged plastics discharge quickly and prevent the accumulation of static electricity.

Common antistatic agents include amine derivative, quaternary ammonium salt, phosphate ester, polyethylene glycol ester etc.
Antistatic agents generally used less than 1%. In addition to the above group, sometimes according to special purposes, the plastics in addition to color agent, foaming agent, anti - adhesive, toughening agent (impact - resistant fortifier).
As noted above, plastics are generally referred to as being composed of a combination of synthetic resins and additives. The proportion of various additives and resinous' fu 'is called formula. It is made according to the application, performance and molding requirements of the product, and combined with the characteristics and sources of various components. Reasonable formula can not only improve processing conditions, but also produce high quality products at low cost. Therefore, the formula should be practiced repeatedly for continuous improvement and improvement.

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