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Brief analysis of printing problem of aluminum foil bag

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   Among all kinds of material of plastic bags, aluminum foil bag because has cut off the air, anti-oxidation, moisture-proof, waterproof, puncture proof and blast resistance higher characteristics, especially the electronic products and food packaging industries, in recent years, aluminum foil bag is particularly rapid development momentum, generally use enterprises in improving the quality of the product packaging at the same time increased the demand for packaging exquisite appearance, this just makes the aluminum foil bag printing is widely used.

   The aluminum foil bag is printed in copper sheet. The font pattern is clearer and does not distort. If the customer is worried that the printing ink will be erased by alcohol or other substances or the problem of color change after a long period of time, the printing ink can be used in the form, in the form of surface printing, printing ink directly exposed to the surface. The inner seal is composed of three layers, the middle layer of the material for printing, and the surface of the printing part is made so that the printing part will not be exposed to the surface, so as to prevent friction or direct contact with liquid water.
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