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Commonly used materials for thermal shrink labels

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 Commonly used materials for thermal shrink labels:

1, PVC

PVC shrinkage film has good transparency, high shrinkage rate, easy to tear, low cost and high tensile strength. But it has not conducive to environmental protection.

2. PET

The PET is an internationally recognized thermal shrinkable film material, which is very similar to PVC.  Nowadays, it is the best material to replace PVC.

3. PETG.

PETG film is environmentally friendly, with high raw material cost and too large shrinkage rate. So it has many restrictions in use.

4. PE

PE is widely recognized as a non-toxic material, especially for food, medicine, beverage and other trade labels. It can be made into high - transparent, high - processing, environmental - friendly thermal shrink label.

5. OPP

OPP is mainly used in contracting around the label field, while the quality is low and competitive.

The contraction label is popular with users because it can print many exquisite patterns.

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