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Determination of transparency of small food packaging materials

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The transparency of soft packaging materials is generally determined by two parameters: transmittance, which determines visibility, and fog, which determines clarity

Test procedures:

1. According to the test sample requirements of the transmittance fog tester, cut the test sample

2. After the instrument is calibrated, install the sample, press the test button, and soon the transmittance and fog values will be displayed on the screen.

3. When the retest is needed, the sample cannot be taken off. Multiple tests can be obtained by pressing the test button again, and then the arithmetic average value of the test is taken as the test result to improve the accuracy of the test.

4. When changing the sample batch number, first press the test button to measure the blank, the indicator light will turn red, then the instrument will display the results of P100.0 and H0.00, and the indicator light will show green. Wait until the lights are green and the instrument makes a noise before testing the next set of samples.


Information about "transparency/packaging materials/sample requirements/the indicator light "

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