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Dongguan evergreen pharmaceutical packaging bag analysis

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 At present, the recent recycled plastic market situation has become a new trend in the plastics industry, but there are some difficulties for recycled plastic, and the number is still limited, but if each side of the supply chain can communicate with each other, mutual cooperation, on the utilization of recycled plastic packaging industry in 2014 will be improved.

Recycled plastic has great environmental advantages compared with traditional plastic. Polyester, for example, renewable polyester two-thirds of the energy demand of native, and reduced two-thirds of 1/2 of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide, and water consumption is also reduced 10 times, also don't need to native plastic garbage landfill treatment. Recycled plastic has become the industry development trend, the development prospects are bright.
Products of technological innovation and industrial structure adjustment, recycled plastic industry in China has made great progress, moving in the direction of the high quality, many varieties, high technology development, recycled plastic market environment have incipient scale. In the textile, automobile, food and beverage packaging, electronics and other fields can be seen recycled plastic. In addition, a city daily consumption of plastic bags and plastic products up to 10 tons, rural also has a large number of waste plastics recycling, our country has formed a number of large-scale recycling old plastic trading center and processing, renewable plastic industry looks promising.
Of course, the recycled plastic industry is still in the stage of development, there are still some problems. Because recycled plastic sources, including plastic film, plastic packaging, plastic containers, daily plastic products, plastic bags, plastic wire, and so on, are of variable quality, in the process of unification of recycling plastic, may be due to the differences of raw materials, lead to greater performance difference between new products in batches. In addition, recycled plastic because of the production process is relatively complex, the production cost is higher, its price higher than the native plastic prices 30% to 50%, believe that with the further development of the technology, production prices will decline gradually.
According to champ consulting in the 2013-2017 China recycled plastic sheet market analysis and development prospect of the research report pointed out: the recycled plastic raw already is no longer considered to be the inferior products, only as a scrap or down-cycled directly, though there are poor stability problem, but because of its natural advantages of environmental protection, makes it more and more be favorred, recycled plastic become the development trend of plastic industry. Enterprises should firmly grasp the development opportunity, do do the large scale of industry, to promote rapid and healthy development of the industry.
The future, recycled plastic industry will still is the developing trend of the future is still bright. Experts suggest, therefore, recycled plastic industry to firmly grasp the historical opportunity of development, do fine do big business scale, to promote the pace of industrialization and industry development by leaps and bounds.

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