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21 years of domestic and foreign brands of common choice!

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1. According to the detection of electronic surface, thickness and whether conform to, check the color difference, the content is correct, the printing effect whether walking, bearing, oil, the viscosity, dry plate, wire drawing, water lines, ink and so on.

2. Ever-glory food bag factory is strictly for content, the sample check to see whether have off color, according to the production order, pattern, color sample check content does not conform to the following situation: printing, point of glue and ink, walk, arrows, off oil, dry plate, water lines, electronic seal, etc.

3. Check the front and back of the food bag, the thickness, size, content and color of the material.

4. The food bag manufacturer strictly controls the incoming material, and clearly controls the internal fault-tolerant printing and the font design.

5. According to the requirements of sample and color sample, the specifications, thickness and electronic surface of the test material are consistent.

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