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Food packaging bag printing requirements for the original manuscript

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The original manuscript is the basis of plate making and printing, the quality of the original manuscript directly affects the quality of the printed matter. Therefore, it is necessary to select and design the original manuscript suitable for printing. In the whole process of printing reproduction, the tone of the original manuscript should be kept as far as possible. The original manuscript has reflected original draft, transmitted original manuscript and electronic manuscript, etc., each kind of original manuscript is produced according to the production method and the image characteristic has the photograph, the drawing, the line, the continuous adjustment.

The original draft of the reflection line, with opaque material as the carrier, and black and white or color lines form the original manuscript.

Reflection continuous manuscript, with opaque material as the carrier, tonal value is in continuous gradient manuscript.

Transmission manuscript: printed with transparent material as the text message carrier.

In the face of the supermarket's food, sometimes we are not attracted to it, but to its packaging.


We should pay attention to the following points in choosing plastic packaging bags:

(1) The color of food plastic packaging materials shall be transparent, and other color plastic bags circulating in the market shall not be used for food that is directly imported.

(2) The food plastic bag feels smooth, and it is clear and crisp with hands.

(3) Food plastic bags are flammable when exposed to fire, and can continue to burn after leaving the fire.


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