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How do food packaging ensure food safety

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1.One is the packaging film to meet the national standards, not a good quality. Food enterprises should first find out what materials they need for their food packages. The next is to find regular packaging enterprises for customized processing. Because some food enterprises personnel lack the professional knowledge of packaging materials and pure pursuit of low prices, from time to time the situation of being fooled. Take compound bags, for example, many foods are used in vacuum packing. The material of such bags should be at least a layer of nylon packaging. However, some compound bags on the market cut corners. The result is that the bag is brittle and not soft, with weak puncture resistance, resulting in food packaging leakage, broken bag, gain and loss, economic loss and negative impact far higher than the cost savings of low-price bags. For example, the seven-layer co-packing bags of new packaging materials should have at least two layers of nylon, but some use one layer, and the content of nylon is low, and some use smuggled waste material, more problems. This kind of bag is poor in resistance, easy to break and not resistant to high and low temperature. At present, there is still the case of selling to food enterprises as aluminum foil bag in the market, which also needs to be recognized in time to prevent being deceived.

2, food packaging to meet food safety quality requirements. 1. Food enterprises shall require packaging bag manufacturers to use packaging film in accordance with national standards. If the material of compound bag should use green environmental protection model, do not use the dry type that contains harmful material such as benzene compound plastic package, because its solvent is easy to permeate pollution food. 2. Food packaging shall be flat. No scratches, scalds, bubbles and wrinkles, no virtual seals. Formation is not only a requirement for aesthetics, but also for the quality of food. If the bag seal is not smooth, the food package used for high-temperature cooking or cryogenic freezing will be liable to crack. 3. Green materials shall be used in printing. The QS standard requires that food packaging should not detect benzene solvents that are harmful to human health. However, as benzene solvents are about 30% lower than environment-friendly solvents which are free of benzene and ketone, and have better freshness and color firmness, many packaging bags still use this kind of material in printing, so problems of contaminated food often occur. 4. The production environment of the packaging enterprise making food bags should be up to the standard to avoid contaminating food bags in the process of making food bags.
3, for food enterprises food packaging tailoring. Packaging bag manufacturing enterprises should choose appropriate packaging materials and processing technologies according to the packaging needs of food enterprises, so as to avoid unnecessary costs for customers. Take the grain packaging bag as an example, now many grain production enterprises require the use of beautiful, fresh good vacuum plastic packaging. Some companies have opted for composite bags, arguing that costs are low. But in fact, the quality performance is suitable for the multilayer co-extrusion material produced bags, the cost is the same as that of composite bags. Because the thickness of the composite material is 100 microns, and the thickness of the multi-layer co-extrusion material is 90 microns, the penetration resistance, softness and freshness preservation of the composite material meet the quality requirements, and because the material USES hot melt process and does not use adhesives, food safety is guaranteed.


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