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How do tea bags control the key points of the printing press in printing?

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   Printing machinery refers to the general term for machinery and equipment used to produce printed materials. The printing machine can be divided into five categories: relief, plate, gravure and special printing press, each of which can be made into different types of printing presses according to structure, printing format and color number. For example, four color printing presses, whole printing presses, printing machines, although various kinds, characteristics are different, but generally consists of transport paper, ink, positioning, control, printing plate and imprint lithography drum, paper parts.Control the ink balance.

  food bags

Master the principle of water less ink. Water is less than the space of the blank part of the premise, ink thickness is also based on water. In a water supply for ink, there will be three times of ink mixing and emulsification. It is impossible to maintain a strict dividing line between water and ink.
  In general, the water supply is relatively small when the PS version is used, the surface is smooth, and the printing speed is fast.


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