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How the high temperature cooking bag was designed

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Cooked chestnuts for has rich nutritional value by the love of consumers, our country is rich in Chinese chestnut, but generally adopts zero sales of Chinese chestnut packaging in bulk or packed in common plastic bag technology, but its packing is simple, but the short shelf life, low added value and packing taste, nutritional value class with chestnut itself not only wrong, such as enhancing the added value of the package and other issues, in order to form the Chinese chestnut brand packaging, with urgency.The soft-bag cooking bag has been widely used for its advantages of high temperature sterilization, freezing and refrigeration, good barrier and beautiful appearance, such as meat and fruit products packaging.

The base material of the cooking bag is its skeleton, which plays the role of accommodating and protecting the product. Generally, it should have high mechanical strength, high temperature resistance of 120 degrees, good printing applicability and transparency.

The selection of barrier layer:opaque high - temperature cooking bags are aluminum foil and zinc - plated aluminum


Information about "Cooked chestnuts/rich nutritional value/skeleton/transparency "

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