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OPP film, one of the lightest resins

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 OPP film, one of the lightest resins, can float on water. It is transparent, lightweight and has a density of 0.9g/cm

1. OPP film has better transparency and heat resistance than the CPP film, and it always used in the outer layer of the compound bag, with preferable aluminum foil heat sealing up.

   It greatly improve the composite membrane rigidity, crisp, and physical and mechanical properties.

2. Good heat resistance, up to 164-170 degrees Celsius melting point, the product does not deform when heated to 150 degrees without external pressure, which is a good performance of    many thermoplastic plastics

3. Good mechanical strength, tensile strength up to 365-390kg/cm. High surface hardness, high elastic rate, not easy to break; Low friction coefficient, less abrasion, less creep, less           deformation of finished products

4. Chemical stability, acid, alkali and oil resistance, with moisture-proof and waterproof functions.

5. Good resistance to oxygen. Poor uv penetration and poor anti-aging performance.


Information about "OPP film transparent lightweight Good mechanical strength Chemical stability Good resistance "

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