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Procedures for inspection of appearance quality of tea bag food bag

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 (1) functional test: step 1

1 dimensional measurement... The size of each part of the bag is
2 edge strength test - does the edge have enough force according to = single deviation, then the range of deviation?
3 sealing/cutting integrity inspection R machine
= flat, with or without hypotenuse) jacking machine (with or without glue, with or without sealing) : bagging machine coffee
Whether the material is folded back) whether the glue is reversed) :
(2) appearance inspection: step 2 inspection
1, cut bag: small edge 鎺 work,
Article 2, folding, bad: pressure is ^ = wrong hair trimming is burnt, etc.
3. Bad compound type.
4, the printing, electronic surface printing, 3 f ^ off do you have any bubble, crystal points' from the point, whether ® crinkle, glue surface, etc.
1. Whether the outside of the bag is clean, in line with normal hygiene requirements, etc.
2. There is no dirt inside the bag, such as black spots, sundries, grease, hair, sharp tools, etc.
3. Label and sample shall be consistent with the product, shall not be mixed, and packing shall meet the production requirements

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