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Properties and applications of aluminum foil bags

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Aluminum foil as the packing material, the biggest advantage is that there is a very good shading sex, moisture resistance and resistance capability. The aluminum foil bag has a good barrier property. The defect of the aluminum foil bag is easy to tear, wrinkling, easy to corrosion by acid and alkali substances, not folding and not heat-resisting, so it can't separate as packaging material, and we usually put it as the main barrier layer and all kinds of plastic film and paper composite together, made of composite materials.

Compared with other metal aluminum foil bag, aluminum foil bag with light quality, rich in resources, low price, easy to machining, can be printed, so far, aluminum foil bag is the only metal materials in composite bags, aluminum foil, cut off bags are widely used in all kinds of product packaging, such as herbs, spices, dehydrated food; Use PTP, high temperature cooking food packaging; Electromagnetic shielding packaging, etc.




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