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The basic factors of fruit packaging bag customization design

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1. Packaged products. Physical properties of products, chemical properties of products, product applications.

2. Materials for soft packaging design. The main soft packing materials in modern packaging industry are paper, plastic, metal foil and various composite materials. When choosing to use, we must consider the physical properties of materials, the chemical properties of materials, the mechanical properties of materials, the forming and processing of materials and the decorative properties of materials

3. Logistics environment of products .Convenient product safety is one of the main functions of packaging in the logistics field. In the design of soft packaging, logistics environmental factors mainly include logistics environmental factors during storage and transportation. Such as vibration shock and stacking static pressure, etc. Temperature, humidity, rain water, radiation, dust, etc. Chemical factors in the storage process, such as oxidation of oxygen in the air, harmful gases, and microorganisms. According to many factors of products in the logistics environment, the corresponding measures are taken to ensure the logistics.


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