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The cause and solution of the bad appearance of food bag.

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The method of manufacturing advanced soft packaging composite packaging materials is the most widely used the most productive and the highest quality production method.

It often has the various problems, because it involves the base material, also relates to the ink, the glue, the equipment  and climate and so on.

Reason:1.The adhesive cloth is evenly distributed, with a gravure imprint.

        2. The surface lubrication of the base material is poor.

        3. Transfer film guide roller have impurities with sundry scraper or damage, produce scrape marks

        4. Winding tension, membrane wrinkling.  

        5. Environment humidity large or processed into the water, interlayer have not net CO2, bleaching.

Solution:1. Adjust the viscosity, concentration and blade Angle of the material, and replace the gravure roller.

        2. Reset the coating amount or replace the version of the roll

        3. improve the composite roll temperature

        4. Clean guide roller

        5. Cleaning and grinding blade,

        6. Adjust the winding tension and speed to improve the drying temperature, lower humidity environment.

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