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The principle of toning ink in food bag printing

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1. Food bag printing ink color should be used the same type of ink in ink factory, fixed ink color saturation than two ink color saturation.

2. The color layer of plastic packaging printing use dot area size to represent ink color thickness or thickness of ink layer. If you want to use black ink to adjust the ink color depth, it will affect the brightness of the ink and the pure color.

3. Should try to reduce ink varieties, because the more color ink varieties, the higher decolorization rate, and it will lower the opacity of the color and saturation, so don’t use two color if we can use a color

4. When blending light color ink, the based ink is white ink, sometimes we will use some original color ink.

5. We need to use diluent in order to obtain light ink and maintain the required viscosity of the ink when printing food bag packaging materials. But do not use thinner, because plastics don't absorb solvents easily.

6. Different manufacturers, different types and varieties of ink cannot be mixed, otherwise it will affect the gloss of food bags after mixed printing, printing fastness, and may even cause ink gelation.


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