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Three ways to determine a high quality aluminum foil bag

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1. Appearance, the surface of aluminum plating shall be clean, bright and smooth, without lamination and crack indentation.

2. Degreasing. Aluminum foil bags for composite packaging shall have an oil pollution grade of AB. Test method is as follows: Put aluminum foil samples without stain and wreck at 45 degrees on the plate, drop test solution in the middle of the sample on both sides, who is not a bead and spread of namely the level standard.

A: Test with distilled water

B: Test with distilled water containing 10% alcohol

3. In theory, aluminum foil is completely cut off materials, due to the defect of itself, but aluminum foil rolling processing technology and processing workshop dust in the air, will cause the pinhole, which affects its resistance to wet and resistance capability .Therefore, the barrier of aluminum foil depends on the size of the pinhole in the unit area. The pinhole is an important index of the quality of aluminum foil.

Information about "Appearance/Degreasing/distilled water/the pinhole/distilled water containing 10% alcohol "

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