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What is the structure of the aluminum plastic composite bag?

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The aluminum plastic composite bag consists of aluminum plastic structure with dry type composite paper-plastic aluminum 2-4 layer structure. The main characteristics of the composite material for it has good sealing, moisture resistance, choke shading, high stiffness and good shape. It is mainly used for bag packaging of dry, suspended, powdery and granular products for preventing gas, keeping dry, keeping fragrant and keeping taste, and extending the shelf life of food and medicine.


The main features of the composite material are good barrier, sealing, shading, good strength, and it convenient for automatic aseptic filling. Mainly used for fruit juice, milk safes, especially suitable for frozen food packaging. In addition, there are also paper aluminum plastic composite materials and cardboard wrapped into the tank body, and plastic cover to make light, economic rest, easy to open composite cans, suitable for packaging potato chips, peanuts, nuts and other leisure snacks. If the upper and lower end of the roll-sealing tinplate or aluminum easy to open cover, performance comparable to the iron can, the price is 10%-30% lower than the iron can.

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