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Causes and solutions of poor adhesion of food bag packaging!

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1. Improper selection of adhesive for food bags, improper setting of adhesive amount and incorrect matching and measurement;

2. Packs dilution contains consumption - NCO based alcohol and water, the main agent of the shank is not reaction

3. Adhesive is absorbed by the printing ink, the glue insufficient

4. Packs adhesive adjustment period is over

5. Improper, curing temperature, curing time.

6. The surface temperature of the composite steel roller is too low, the adhesive activation is insufficient, and the residual solvent is too high.



1. To select the binder type and amount of coating, accurate preparation

2. Use high purity solvent dilution

3. Reset the formulation and the gluing quantity

4. Replace glue

5. Appropriate increase food bag curing temperature or prolonged curing

6. Improve Voltage and current of corona treatment to food bag

7.  Improve food bag composite temperature and pressure, decrease the speed of composite

8. Improve the temperature of the composite

9. Increase the speed of drying temperature or slow down the composite.