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plastic films

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 There are many types of plastic films, and their appearance is often very similar. Therefore, it is easy to cause production accidents in compound process. For the technical personnel engaged in the soft packaging industry, it is an essential skill to master the method of identification of plastic film. The identification method of plastic film is as follows:

(1) The visual method is based on the transparency of plastic film, and the transparency shows opaque or semi-transparent is LDPE and ordinary PP (except BOPP).

(2) According to the film, low temperature resistance identification put film in the refrigerator cooling process, reduce the temperature to zero, observation of their brittleness, crisp for PP, but except for BOPP, it need to be cooled to become fragile - 20.

(3) According to the special mechanical performance identification, such as the simple impact puncture test of the film, compared with their puncture performance and brittleness, it is difficult to Pierce for PVDC, bo-pet, PA and LLDPE.


(4) According to the high temperature resistance of the film, the film was cooked for 5min, and the steam resistance of the film was observed. It is LDPE that cannot be boiled.

plastic films

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