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[Company News]Factors to be considered in the process design of composite packaging bag[ 2018-12-10 15:31 ]
I. raw materials for composite packaging bags Whether the source of raw materials is stable, whether can purchase specific original, including a variety of general film substrate, a variety of functional substrate, a variety of inks, adhesives, functional coa...
[Manufacturing Capability]The composite material of dry fruit food packaging bag must have five conditions[ 2018-07-19 14:35 ]
1. With proper surface tension, the adhesive or another substrate can be well matted on its surface. 2. Has certain polarity or contains some memory functional groups, so that the substrate has a good adsorption to adhesives or another substrate. 3. The substrate contains certain functional groups that enable it to form strong bonds with an adhesive or another substrate. 4. The micro surface of the substrate has a certain roughness and porosity, allowing the adhesive or another substrate to infi
[Manufacturing Capability]The reasons and the solutions of poor transparency of composite packaging film[ 2018-07-02 18:01 ]
Reason: 1. The surface temperature of the cooling roller is too high 2. The surface is too rough 3. The pressure of compound roller is insufficient 4. The initial adhesive force of AC agent is poor. Solution: 1. Decreasing temperature properly. 2. Replace with a clean cooling roll 3. Increase compound pressure 4. Use a high viscosity AC agent 5. Adjust the extrusion process parameters
[Industry News]Main properties of aluminum foil composite film[ 2018-06-13 15:00 ]
1. The aluminum foil composite film is transparent, soft, comfortable and self-adhesive 2. Excellent elasticity with high elongation,better puncture resistance, stress cracking resistance, cold resistance and low temperature heat sealing resistance than polyethylene 3. Resistant to corrosion by strong alkali and weak acid 4. Aluminum foil composite film has good moisture resistance and air tightness. 5. Poor heat resistance and easy to be eroded by strong acid and other organic solvents,
[Manufacturing Capability]Causes and solutions of poor adhesion of food bag packaging![ 2018-06-11 14:20 ]
Causes and solutions of poor adhesion of food bag packaging!Key word:selection of adhesive/Packs dilution contains consumption/The surface temperature/ high purity solvent dilution
[Manufacturing Capability]Adhesive As one of the auxiliary materials for the production must meet the following conditions[ 2018-06-01 09:48 ]
As one of the auxiliary materials for the production and processing of soft packaging composite materials, adhesive must meet the following conditions:good liquidity,fully infiltrates are binding,good wetting property,strong various forces,good curing property
[Manufacturing Capability]The cause and solution of the bad appearance of food bag.[ 2018-05-23 10:28 ]
The cause and solution of the bad appearance of food bag. Reason: 1.The adhesive cloth is evenly distributed, with a gravure imprint. 2.The surface lubrication of the base material is poor. 3.Transfer film guide roller have impurities with sundry scraper or damage, produce scrape marks Solution: 1.Adjust the viscosity, concentration and blade Angle of the material, and replace the gravure roller. 2.Reset the coating amount or replace the version of the roll
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