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Pet food packaging design principles[ 2018-08-09 ]
The design of pet food packaging bag is the same as that of other packaging bags. Pet food packaging bag includes soft packaging composite material design, container structure design, mechanical design and equipment design.
Determination of transparency of small food packaging materials[ 2018-07-20 ]
Test procedures: 1. According to the test sample requirements of the transmittance fog tester, cut the test sample 2. After the instrument is calibrated, install the sample, press the test button, and soon the transmittance and fog values will be displayed on the screen. 3. When the retest is needed, the sample cannot be taken off. Multiple tests can be obtained by pressing the test button again, and then the arithmetic average value of the test is taken as the test result to improve the accu
The composite material of dry fruit food packaging bag must have five conditions[ 2018-07-19 ]
1. With proper surface tension, the adhesive or another substrate can be well matted on its surface. 2. Has certain polarity or contains some memory functional groups, so that the substrate has a good adsorption to adhesives or another substrate. 3. The substrate contains certain functional groups that enable it to form strong bonds with an adhesive or another substrate. 4. The micro surface of the substrate has a certain roughness and porosity, allowing the adhesive or another substrate to infi
What are the common types of composite packaging bags?[ 2018-07-13 ]
1. Middle sealing bag. There is a sealing line on the back of the bag common material: OPP+VMCPP,OPP+PE, OPP+PE White, OPP+CPP/VMCPP If it is a three-layer composite packaging bag, the commonly used combination is OPP+PET+CPP or OPP+PET+CPP,2. This kind of bag is more commonly used in the domestic and Japanese markets
What is the structure of the aluminum plastic composite bag?[ 2018-07-12 ]
The aluminum plastic composite bag consists of aluminum plastic structure with dry type composite paper-plastic aluminum 2-4 layer structure. The main characteristics of the composite material for it has good sealing, moisture resistance, choke shading, high stiffness and good shape. It is mainly used for bag packaging of dry, suspended, powdery and granular products for preventing gas, keeping dry, keeping fragrant and keeping taste, and extending the shelf life of food and medicine.
1.The introduction of common bag type about customization plastic packaging bag[ 2018-07-04 ]
Plastic packaging bag customized hanging card bag Usage: used for all kinds of toys, daily supplies, gifts, color CARDS, bookmarks and other materials The main material: OPP+CPP It belongs to the R bag. Such as: hanging card envelope bag, with the card head and the envelope mouth, the envelope mouth is the place of glue. The hanging card has a flat pocket with a card head and no envelope opening. The bottom is flat. Seal in the back middle bag/pillow bag Usage: it is used for shaver, all ki
The reasons and the solutions of poor transparency of composite packaging film[ 2018-07-02 ]
Reason: 1. The surface temperature of the cooling roller is too high 2. The surface is too rough 3. The pressure of compound roller is insufficient 4. The initial adhesive force of AC agent is poor. Solution: 1. Decreasing temperature properly. 2. Replace with a clean cooling roll 3. Increase compound pressure 4. Use a high viscosity AC agent 5. Adjust the extrusion process parameters
Three ways to determine a high quality aluminum foil bag[ 2018-06-25 ]
1. Appearance, the surface of aluminum plating shall be clean, bright and smooth, without lamination and crack indentation. 2. Degreasing. Aluminum foil bags for composite packaging shall have an oil pollution grade of AB. Test method is as follows: Put aluminum foil samples without stain and wreck at 45 degrees on the plate, drop test solution in the middle of the sample on both sides, who is not a bead and spread of namely the level standard. A: Test with distilled water B: Test with distil
Characteristics of plastic base material for food bags[ 2018-06-22 ]
(l) Light quality, good transparency, soft and beautiful. (2) Good waterproof and moisture-proof performance. (3) Good processing capability and container molding capability. (4) Excellent chemical stability, good corrosion resistance to acid, alkali and other chemicals. (5) It has moderate mechanical strength and good barrier performance. (6) Good printing quality and low price.
The main feature of BOPP films[ 2018-06-20 ]
1. BOPA films are the best materials among plastic materials with excellent toughness, high mechanical strength, high tensile strength, tear strength, impact strength and crack resistance. 2. Good abrasion resistance, flexibility and puncture resistance. It is not easy to be punctured by the content. 3. Barrier property, oil resistance, incense. 4. Using a wide temperature range, can in 60 ~ l30 ℃ of use for a long time, and under low temperature and high temperature, the mechanical properties
Causes and solutions of poor adhesion of food bag packaging![ 2018-06-11 ]
Causes and solutions of poor adhesion of food bag packaging!Key word:selection of adhesive/Packs dilution contains consumption/The surface temperature/ high purity solvent dilution
Three ways to determine a high quality of aluminum foil bag[ 2018-06-08 ]
Quality requirements for aluminum foil bags:1.Appearance,2.Degreasing,3.Pinhole
Material combination of Special-shaped bag, R bag and Gusset Bag[ 2018-06-06 ]
Material combination of Special-shaped bag, R bag and Gusset Bag, including Materials/The elevator bag/Flat pockets bag/a single bag/Open the envelope bag/Gusset Bag
What are the common types of food bags?[ 2018-06-04 ]
What are the common types of food bags? Including sealing food bag,the three-side food bags ,unzipped food bags,zipper food bags and so on.
Adhesive As one of the auxiliary materials for the production must meet the following conditions[ 2018-06-01 ]
As one of the auxiliary materials for the production and processing of soft packaging composite materials, adhesive must meet the following conditions:good liquidity,fully infiltrates are binding,good wetting property,strong various forces,good curing property
OPP film, one of the lightest resins[ 2018-05-30 ]
OPP film, one of the lightest resins. 1. OPP film has better transparency and heat resistance than the CPP film, and it always used in the outer layer of the compound bag, with preferable aluminum foil heat sealing up. It greatly improve the composite membrane rigidity, crisp, and physical and mechanical properties. 2. Good heat resistance, up to 164-170 degrees Celsius melting point, the product does not deform when heated to 150 degrees without external pressure, which is a good performa
The cause and solution of the bad appearance of food bag.[ 2018-05-23 ]
The cause and solution of the bad appearance of food bag. Reason: 1.The adhesive cloth is evenly distributed, with a gravure imprint. 2.The surface lubrication of the base material is poor. 3.Transfer film guide roller have impurities with sundry scraper or damage, produce scrape marks Solution: 1.Adjust the viscosity, concentration and blade Angle of the material, and replace the gravure roller. 2.Reset the coating amount or replace the version of the roll
The influence of color for food bag on printing.[ 2018-05-21 ]
The influence of color for food bag on printing,such as the basic principle of color,the harmonious characteristics of color,The area effect of scientific utilization of color and the rules of color reproduction
plastic films[ 2018-05-16 ]
plastic films, LDPE films, PP films, BOPP films, PA films,LLDPE films,transparency of plastic film,temperature,performance identification
How do tea bags control the key points of the printing press in printing?[ 2018-04-18 ]
Printing machinery refers to the general term for machinery and equipment used to produce printed materials