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Design principles for pet food packaging bags[ 2018-05-08 ]
Pet food packaging design and other packaging design, is a complex system engineering, pet food bags including flexible packaging composite material design, structural design, mechanical design and equipment design.
Food packaging for printing elements series: requirements for printing plates[ 2018-04-27 ]
The printing plate is used to transfer ink to substrate text carrier. In printing, the ink under pressure is transferred to the substrate under pressure.
Food packaging bag printing requirements for the original manuscript[ 2018-04-25 ]
The original manuscript is the basis of plate making and printing, the quality of the original manuscript directly affects the quality of the printed matter. Therefore, it is necessary to select and design the original manuscript suitable for printing. In the whole process of printing reproduction, the tone of the original manuscript should be kept as far as possible.
21 years of domestic and foreign brands of common choice![ 2018-04-20 ]
Ever-glory food bag factory is strictly for content, color of astronomy, the sample check to see whether have off color, according to the production order, pattern, color sample check content does not conform to the following situation: printing, point of glue and ink, walk, arrows, off oil, dry plate, water lines, electronic seal, etc.
The principle of toning ink in food bag printing[ 2018-06-27 ]
1. Food bag printing ink color should be used the same type of ink in ink factory, fixed ink color saturation than two ink color saturation. 2. The color layer of plastic packaging printing use dot area size to represent ink color thickness or thickness of ink layer. If you want to use black ink to adjust the ink color depth, it will affect the brightness of the ink and the pure color. 3. Should try to reduce ink varieties, because the more color ink varieties, the higher decolorization rate,
What is an approximate shelf-life for Laminated Bags[ 2013-05-15 ]
Laminated Bagsshould not be kept longer than 6 months due to degradation of some materials and/or migration of additives which may cause sealing problem.
What's Your MOQ for Packaging Bags?[ 2013-05-15 ]
Our MOQ for packaging bags is 10,000pcs.But it also depends on our production time,it varies sometime.
What are the Materials of Spout Pouches?[ 2013-05-15 ]
In order to be more stable and anti-piercing, we often use PA/ PE to produce spout pouches, so the material could be PET/ PA/ PE, PET/ VMPET/ PA/PE, etc
Do you Supply OEM Service for Packaging Bags?[ 2013-05-15 ]
Yes. We can produce packaging bags with your design.
How long is the Delivery Time for Packaging Bag Orders[ 2013-05-15 ]
The delivery time for packaging bag orders depends on the quantity and style of goods.
How to get a Sooner Packaging Bag Quotation?[ 2013-05-15 ]
You can provide imformations about the packaging bag style (with ziplock, hanger, spout,etc.), shape (please attached with picture of irregular shape bag), material, thickness, size (please point out size of different part, for example: width of header.), quantity and printing (how many colors on your bag)
What kind of design is workable[ 2013-05-15 ]
To avoid mistaking, you design is necessary.The design shoule be in AI / EPS / CDR or PDF file, it should also be editable.What's more, font should turn into graphics, the scaling should be 1 : 1.
Printing quality test machine[ 2013-04-26 ]
Equipment in lab[ 2013-04-26 ]
The coefficient of friction tester[ 2013-04-26 ]