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The application of heat shrink label in beverage industry[ 2013-05-15 ]
The application of heat shrink label in beverage industry,The characteristics of the heat shrink labels1. The advantages of heat shrink labe(1) heat shrink film is of high transparency. So the label looks bright in color and has good gloss.
Heat transfer film has a growing application prospect.[ 2013-05-15 ]
Heat transfer film is a kind of special printing film. The pictures and characters on the film with adhesion agent can be divorce from the carrier film together with the protection layer under the combination of heat and pressure.
Quality defect & treating methods of dry lamination products[ 2013-05-15 ]
l、Phenomenon:There are many scattered spots on the surface of lamination film,especially on the metallized products or light ink printed products.It appears dusky color when serious.
The importance of glue viscosity in dry lamination[ 2013-05-15 ]
The importance of glue viscosity in dry lamination,the viscosity of glue is an important technology target in dry lamination.elements influence glue viscosity.