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Advantages of aluminum foil bag material[ 2018-09-19 ]
Although aluminum foil is very thin, as a packaging material, it has the following advantages:   (1) light weight helps to reduce transportation costs.   (2) good insulation and shading. It can be moisture-proof, breathable and fragrant, and can ...
Food packaging leading enterprise changrongjia recruitment[ 2018-09-10 ]
General working name of bag making department   Sexs, to pay 2000 yuan, 22, eight hours overtime 17 yuan per hour, after the probation period according to the piece rate calculation, piece rate generally can reach 5000-8000, the probation period for a m...
Procedures for inspection of appearance quality of tea bag food bag[ 2018-08-31 ]
(1) functional test: step 1 1 dimensional measurement... The size of each part of the bag is 2 edge strength test - does the edge have enough force according to = single deviation, then the range of deviation? 3 sealing/cutting integrity inspection R machine
The basic factors of fruit packaging bag customization design[ 2018-07-23 ]
1. Packaged products. Physical properties of products, chemical properties of products, product applications.2. Materials for soft packaging design. The main soft packing materials in modern packaging industry are paper, plastic, metal foil and various composite materials. When choosing to use, we must consider the physical properties of materials, the chemical properties of materials, the mechanical properties of materials, the forming and processing of materials and the decorative properties o
How the high temperature cooking bag was designed[ 2018-07-16 ]
Cooked chestnuts for has rich nutritional value by the love of consumers, our country is rich in Chinese chestnut, but generally adopts zero sales of Chinese chestnut packaging in bulk or packed in common plastic bag technology, but its packing is simple, but the short shelf life, low added value and packing taste, nutritional value class with chestnut itself not only wrong, such as enhancing the added value of the package and other issues, in order to form the Chinese chestnut brand packaging,
Main properties of aluminum foil composite film[ 2018-06-13 ]
1. The aluminum foil composite film is transparent, soft, comfortable and self-adhesive 2. Excellent elasticity with high elongation,better puncture resistance, stress cracking resistance, cold resistance and low temperature heat sealing resistance than polyethylene 3. Resistant to corrosion by strong alkali and weak acid 4. Aluminum foil composite film has good moisture resistance and air tightness. 5. Poor heat resistance and easy to be eroded by strong acid and other organic solvents,
The application scope of packing bag[ 2018-05-18 ]
The packing bag including :Food packaging/Fruit and vegetable packaging/Daily use packaging/Tea/coffee packing
The application of heat shrink label in beverage industry[ 2013-05-15 ]
The application of heat shrink label in beverage industry,The characteristics of the heat shrink labels1. The advantages of heat shrink labe(1) heat shrink film is of high transparency. So the label looks bright in color and has good gloss.
Heat transfer film has a growing application prospect.[ 2013-05-15 ]
Heat transfer film is a kind of special printing film. The pictures and characters on the film with adhesion agent can be divorce from the carrier film together with the protection layer under the combination of heat and pressure.
Quality defect & treating methods of dry lamination products[ 2013-05-15 ]
l、Phenomenon:There are many scattered spots on the surface of lamination film,especially on the metallized products or light ink printed products.It appears dusky color when serious.
The importance of glue viscosity in dry lamination[ 2013-05-15 ]
The importance of glue viscosity in dry lamination,the viscosity of glue is an important technology target in dry lamination.elements influence glue viscosity.