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Heat transfer film has a growing application prospect.

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Heat transfer film has a growing application prospect.


Features of heat transfer film


Heat transfer film is a kind of special printing film. The pictures and characters on the film with adhesion agent can be divorce from the carrier film together with the protection layer under the combination of heat and pressure. Then it can be printed tightly on the surface of the products.

Therefore, in actual application, the heat transfer film should be easily taken away and be of good thermal adhesion with beautiful pictures and characters. In the process of heat transfer, the printing pictures and characters can be easily taken away from the film and be tightly attached to the products.

It’s the features of a perfect heat transfer film, and also the key of the technology. Beautiful pictures, especially those adopted gravure printing, can present the details of the pictures, making the package perfect.

This kind of film with specific function can transfer the pictures and the characters to the surface of the products, which upgrades the quality and increase the added value of goods.