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Main materials of the food vaccum bags

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The features of all the materials suitable for the vaccum bags are as followed:
1、PE is used for low temperature freezing, RCPP is used for high temperature cooking;
2、PA has strong ability against strike for strengthen the physical strength;
3、AL has great barrier of light ray;
4、PET has excellent strength ability for strengthening the hardness of bags.

The lamilating materials of vaccum bags is as followed:
Generally are PA/PE or PA/RCPP PA/PE or PA/RCPP
              PET/PE or PET/RCPP PET/PE or PET/RCPP

To strengthen the advantages of the materials, we also have three or four layer lamination bags, such as

Instructions of the vaccum bags usage
1、Strong barrier ability: Using different high separation performance coextrusion film, plastic material of oxygen, water, carbon dioxide, odor such as barrier effect

2、Stable performance: Coextruded films have good barrier of oil, moisture smell and low temperature freezing. Vaccum plastic bags made from such films can keep the products being in good quality and retain freshness.  This kind film can be used for
vaccum package, aseptic packaging and gas-filled package.

3、Low cost:Coextruded films have great advantage on cost and the good barrier ability comparing with glass package, aluminum foil package and other plastic package. Thanks for the simple process, the cost of film products made from the coextruded films can be less 10% to 20% than the one of dry lamilating films or other lamilating films.

Various specifications: We can meet our clients' different requirements about different products.

4、High intensity:Coextruded film can be stretched when being processed, at the same time, the strength ability is increased accordingly. Some plastic materials like Nylon and polyethylene can be lamilated with coextrusion film, then no delamination
and separation, and can be of high softness and excellent hot sealing ability.

5、Lower heat capacity rate ratio:Coextruded film can be packed by vacuum shrinkable packaging, capacity of the volume of the vaccum shrinkable packed coextruded film is about 100%,  which is uncomparable with glass, can and paper package.

6、Eco friendly, no pollution: all the vaccum bags are made without binder and solvent, also eco friendly.